Short stories tagged with Birds

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A 36-year-old Irish man indulges in his usual routine voyage from Boyle to Sligo via train, enjoying himself and his rituals, until an unsettling encounter throws his entire day off-kilter.

In a Paris churchyard, a man and his friend bear witness to the bizarre transformation of man into bird and a Bird Man into something more perhaps dangerous.

A young woman discovers a nest of massive eggs, and she soon encounters the mother.

Half-human, half-swan, a young boy ridiculed by his community tries to find a way to become whole again.

A friend tries to fix her suburban housewife’s unfulfilling marriage by leading the charge on her friend’s unnecessary home renovation.

After partying for the first time in a while with his childhood friend, a middle-aged father in North Carolina must reckon with the scary truth about his hangover.

In a series of commentaries on the human condition — life, truth, happiness, death — a spinster sister takes in her dead sister’s children; a man is entranced by the endless waves which roll and crash in the ocean; a carpenter wrestles with the burden of being everyone’s confidante; a dying railroad crossing watchman shares a simple but complex wisdom.

Before leaving his home to fight in the Vietnam War, a young Hawaiian has to decide what to do about his favorite pet pigeon. While deliberating, he's forced to confront the responsibility he bears for his sister's mental instability.

After briefly meeting a mysterious little girl at a movie theater, a middle-aged New York City widow finds herself haunted by an inexplicable spirit.

The child of two American expatriates in modern Zambia walks through a party, discovering the secret life that servants lead when she isn’t looking.