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A woman celebrates her daughter’s sixth birthday by volunteering at the women's center. As she assists other women, she recalls her own trauma and struggles with the constant reminders of it.

A teacher at an all girls school thinks about her abusive partner while she is living away from him. She is thrown a birthday celebration at the school and becomes overwhelmed with emotion.

In Miami, a Yiddish writer meets a multimillionaire who tells him tales of sex and survival during the Holocaust.

In the 1990s, a 19-year-old aspiring actor-turned-construction worker develops an affinity for crack cocaine, making him doubt the promise of his future.

A teenage boy must embrace his geeky nature to win over a crush from his suave competitor.

When a modern man sitting in Lagos traffic receives an email from his ex-lover of lifetimes ago, he reevaluates the facts of his prosperous but ultimately empty life.

A woman decides to invite Death to her party, but is surprised by Death's request of her.

A young screenwriter in Los Angeles is exposed to the corruption beneath the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle after befriending a director and his wife.

When a married couple attempts to change their flat tire on the side of the road, a group of boys offer to help, thinly masking their true malicious intent.

At a party in its 40th straight hour, a group of eccentric bureaucrats in DC discuss human behavior, music-without-instruments, and the laws of thermodynamics, while trying to keep the party from deteriorating into chaos