Short stories tagged with Abortion

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A woman celebrates her daughter’s sixth birthday by volunteering at the women's center. As she assists other women, she recalls her own trauma and struggles with the constant reminders of it.

A college girl becomes her professor's mistress and moves into his home with his wife and children. After she becomes pregnant, the wife is pushed to make a tragic decision to escape her crumbling marriage and protect the young new mother.

In contemporary Denver, a young, married Latina woman wants to terminate her pregnancy and turns to her ex-boyfriend for help.

An individual on a train watches the throngs of people commuting, including a young couple that has been severely affected by the Great Depression.

A young woman reunites with an old college friend who has immersed himself in Marxist ideology and begins falling in love with his deep political passion.

In World War II Texas, Aaron’s grandfather shelters a group of Mexican migrants in his barn. When Mr. Watts, a federal agent with ties to the clan and a mysterious past with Aaron’s mother, shows up to investigate Aaron’s grandfather, the adults are forced to reconcile the past and Aaron must piece together his family history.

An American man travels to Peru, where he impregnates a woman who works at a local café.

An ice skater in the entertainment industry, to the chagrin of her cat-obsessed mother, performs the same routine each night with a man dressed in a bear suit.

A young woman sent to board with an older couple claims bodily autonomy and control over her own fate.

Fresh out of rehab, a recovering addict goes to live with his brother in Detroit who he hasn't seen in six years. He begins working at his brother's obstetrical clinic, where he encounters pro-life protesters that will stop at nothing to get what they want.