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A college girl becomes her professor's mistress and moves into his home with his wife and children. After she becomes pregnant, the wife is pushed to make a tragic decision to escape her crumbling marriage and protect the young new mother.

A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

On a writing retreat in Nova Scotia, a historian caught between his loving family and his kind mistress struggles to live outside of history.

A man pursuing his doctorate explores the history of the American South through the journals and letters of a long-dead ancestor who manumitted all the enslaved people on his plantation after an affair gone wrong.

A young woman reunites with an old college friend who has immersed himself in Marxist ideology and begins falling in love with his deep political passion.

In the late 90s, a woman moves from New York to LA to teach part time at an art school. As she becomes disillusioned with the art world, she finds a dominant partner and turns to BDSM to ground herself in the empty landscape.

A professor leaves her job and her husband for her ancestral home of Newfoundland. There, she confronts depression, isolation, old friends, and old love.

In contemporary Missouri, a newly single gender studies professor gets to know her Trump-supporter shuttle driver, and the last thing she imagines is hooking up with him.

A Black teenager falls in love with a Muslim girl at a high school competition, only to meet her again in college and find that she has changed.

Reeling from the death of her first husband, a woman living alone on a Montana homestead finds peace as she slowly falls in love with the logger living next door.