Short stories published in Partisan Review

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When a man visits an old village called Ain Tadouirt to visit an old friend and conduct research, he becomes captured by a tribe and forced to entertain. He must figure out how to escape a life of enslavement in a foreign land.

An American recent divorcee travels to Germany using his inheritance money and falls in love with a prostitute who owns a monkey.

Professor gives a talk about the human appetite for death

Mr. Fortune, an industrious old landowner with his eye toward the development of his country town, spends all of his time with his favorite granddaughter, Mary Fortune. She is his spitting image in appearance and spirit, completely unlike his despised son-in-law - until a major disagreement brings them to blows.

A man pursuing his doctorate explores the history of the American South through the journals and letters of a long-dead ancestor who manumitted all the enslaved people on his plantation after an affair gone wrong.

When a woman returns to her home town in Kentucky after many years, she finds her family nothing like she remembered. Much to her dismay, she also encounters the man who broke her heart so long ago.

Despite his initial excitement at being drafted as an aidman in the war, a young man soon realizes that the demands of the job are far more than what he expected.

In this strange tale, the frustrated wife of an invalid finds herself both attracted to and tormented by a live-in handyman with a criminal past, a former flame, and a wealthy, mysterious visitor.

The stubborn, restless, irritable black sheep of the family goes over the edge in a fight with his niece.

A group of elite, highly-educated friends grapple with their interpersonal issues in 1960s New York, struggling when even their intense academic attempts to understand life fail to help them sort out their relationships with one another.