Short stories tagged with Confusing

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A young mobster boy is brought in for questioning after he stabs an elderly man, and desperately wants to be taken seriously by the Chicago police officers.

A man working at a communications community wants a new job. His coworker promises him one, so long as the man helps to hide human body parts.

A father involved in the business of trading horses becomes involved in a trade with an infamous trader while running errands for his wife.

After ten years a man returns to the shore where he encounters a mysterious woman and becomes intertwined in a web of memories, family tension, and unexplainable occurences.

A man's lonely life focused on the pursuit of reason and music leaves him questioning what more there may be in the lives of other people and of religion.

A man works for a company that implants a mind-controlling disk in his head and puts him through experiments. His pregnant wife is ready to leave the company, but he isn't sure.

In this strange tale, the frustrated wife of an invalid finds herself both attracted to and tormented by a live-in handyman with a criminal past, a former flame, and a wealthy, mysterious visitor.

When a woman talks to a man in bed, their conversation reminds her of a short story she read earlier, and she wonders if she is stupid like the story's character.

In deep space, a crew of humans and artificial intelligence deliberate on whether or not to change course so as to preserve the life of an innocent-presenting alien-being.

A trio of two Europeans and one American, embark on a casual trip to the Italian countryside that becomes engrossed in contemplating what it means to be American.