Short stories tagged with Interrogation

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A young mobster boy is brought in for questioning after he stabs an elderly man, and desperately wants to be taken seriously by the Chicago police officers.

Accused of murder by a madman, a psychotherapist is given 50 minutes to answer for his crimes.

A high-powered lawyer is tasked with defending a wealthy state attorney's son-turned-cop, who shot and killed a black man on the job.

Under police investigation after her boyfriend drowns in Vienna, a woman pieces together what happened through flashbacks.

In an effort to uncover the truth about their great-great grandfather, a brother and sister in Iowa explore their grandfather's memories and the memories of others in his generation.

On an earth-like planet, the infamous leader of a resistance group wakes up in a cave with a man she doesn’t recognize. Upon learning the man works for the organization she’s fighting against, the resistance leader must formulate a plan to seduce the man and win her freedom.