Short stories tagged with Drowning

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In a fantasy world, as punishment for staring at a naked goddess, a king-mage is reborn as a mortal. Several other cursed demigods hatch a plan to be reborn as children of the naked goddess, who is in love with the king-mage.

A Navy SEAL in Afghanistan asks the Virgin Mary for a miracle out on the battlefield.

An eighteenth century ship is haunted by a ghost ship because of one sailor's past sins.

A man in a hospital in Myanmar tells his nurse the story of how he was cursed for falling in love with an attractive woman who is guarded by a giant snake.

Under the moonlight, garbage and seaweed entwine to form a thing from the ocean, a monster in the shape of a man who makes its way towards the nearby town.

After an obese older man discovers his wife is having an affair, he invites the lovers on a tense trip to the beach.

A South Asian woman harbors a deep fascination with the ocean. When she works with renegade scientists to track a blue whale, the woman and the whale form a deep bond.

A girl who returns home from boarding school finds a mysterious couple who is visiting her parents. The couple is leading the family to build a maze in the backyard.

A set of twins struggles with the trauma of having survived a boat accident where many of their peers died.

A man of mysterious origins comes under suspicion in a French village when the outbreak of WWII throws his allegiance into question and a death occurs on the grounds of his hotel.