Short stories tagged with Freedom

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The night watchman at the wax museum is a simple man, and he loves his job, especially the wax figure of Napoleon, whom he considers a special friend. Though a bachelor, he is a romantic, and gets caught up in the affairs of a young couple who use the wax museum as their meeting place.

A Black woman reflects on her experiences as a slave on a plantation, where she not only witnessed but also committed inconceivable violence.

In a Southern suburban dystopia, war rages between man and machine. While engaged in ruthless combat, a corporal is forced to rethink what it means to be truly free.

In a future decimated by rising tides and extreme weather, the people of Earth have been displaced from their land and look to the sea to establish new civilizations. In order to survey the ocean and explore its resources, the U.S. Navy enlists an all-female cohort of “military mermaids,” whose human limbs and organs are genetically modified into fins and gills.

When a serial writer decides that he can’t take more of his monotonous life, he destroys his copywriter and leaves his domestic prison to protest the rise of the machines.

After sending her grandson off to war, an old woman helps the ghosts of past battles on their way to help America in the new war, World War I.

In 19th-century New Orleans, a young Black girl is pressured by her mother to seek out a white husband in order to retain her freedom, only to catch the eye of a vampire instead.

A young boy watches as one of his best friends becomes an advocate for socialism after attending Hebrew school and working for the local grocer in their Jewish neighborhood during World War II.

Alyse, a part-time writer, is unable to excavate any interest from her seemingly boring family, utterly unaware of the deeply complex and exciting adventures her brother, sister, and aunt often have

A recently divorced woman moves to her deceased grandmother's seaside house in California, hoping to start a new, glamorous life.