Short stories tagged with Suspenseful

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A Black teenage boy in Illinois becomes obsessed with the idea of owning a gun–until he realizes that with the gun comes a level of adult responsibility he isn’t ready to assume.

In modern day New York City, a woman working on a movie set attracts an actor who might just give her the life of fame she's always wanted.

In the mid-twentieth-century South, a black mother's greed has haunting consequences for her and her coveted son.

In a New York City of the near future, a middle-aged suit finds his life upturned when online terrorists accuse him of humanitarian crimes in front of everyone he knows.

A young girl marries a wealthy Comte and moves with him to his castle where she befriends his son and becomes bewitched by the mystery of the castle's tower, the donjon. While the Comte is off serving the King, the girl finds herself breaking the one rule surrounding the tower and facing its consequences in an attempt to save her friend.

When a psychoanalyst's family forces him to give up his poker addiction, he uses the misery of one of his patients, a poker champion, to keep his need to gamble at bay.

An injured city cowboy rolls into his New Mexican hometown, where his old neighbors pressure him into performing in an impromptu rodeo show. The event takes a dangerous turn when a young Native American boy can’t contain his curiosity.

In a dystopian future where children are rare and valuable, a young woman deemed unfit to give birth by the government steals a baby in hopes of liberating both the child and herself.

In a Tucson, Arizona of the near future, an Asian American engineer races to salvage her prized creation, a stratosphere-orbiting balloon, before it can be hijacked to serve nefarious purposes.

A recently divorced woman moves to her deceased grandmother's seaside house in California, hoping to start a new, glamorous life.