Short stories tagged with Danger

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A drunkard with a habit of lying and the hope of an American dream tries to get his family out of Cuba across dangerous waters.

In the far future, a selfless woman helps a wary man flee from a destroyed Earth to the world beyond the solar system.

When four members of a spacecraft finally land on a distant planet, they fall victim to terrible and inexplicable pain around their ears.

An outer space fugitive on the run stops to help an old friend and becomes involved in a revolution. A fugitive pilot from Earth helps his found family escape persecution from the Coalition and gets involved in a revolution taking place on another planet.

After a dangerous encounter with a predatory artist in the 1980s, a former artist-turned-housewife tries to imbue her oblivious teenage daughter with that same fear of men that leaves her cold decades later.

A fourteen-year-old boy with a love for boats and fear of swimming sets out on a small adventure to reach the river and encounters some difficulties along the way.

An injured city cowboy rolls into his New Mexican hometown, where his old neighbors pressure him into performing in an impromptu rodeo show. The event takes a dangerous turn when a young Native American boy can’t contain his curiosity.

Slowly dying from cancer, Jinny wanders to bus stops, cornfields, and to a floating bridge thinking about the futures her husband Neal and many men will have without her.

When a carnival daredevil is too intoxicated to perform his big dive, an inexperienced young man who fled home in search of a job volunteers to take his place.

In a poor, rural town, a mother worries about her adult son ever since he moved in with a girl whose family has a no-good reputation.