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In a poor, rural town, a mother worries about her adult son ever since he moved in with a girl whose family has a no-good reputation.

A husband's increasing resentment towards his wife is tracked and contrasted to his incessant devotion and investment in horse racing and a particular horse's harrowing journey after its injury.

A fifteen-year old orphan leaves his job helping at a ranch in Montana to go on a roundup, where he befriends a man who is secretly an outlaw.

A young girl spends her summer mostly alone, weaving in and out of the townspeople's lives and fantasizing about princesses and fairy godmothers

Stuck with a broken engine in the middle of icy cold weather, a traveler goes to a nearby farm to seek help. He comes across a boy with a greater problem than his own, and changes his plans to help out the boy and his sick grandfather.

A hitman rides into a small town to kill his current target, but the assignment does not go according to plan.