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A seventy-something-year-old woman dutifully visits her husband's grave only to realize that she contributed to the unhappiness of her marriage by letting her husband die lonely and unwanted.

While working through the complexities of her past relationship with her ex-husband, a woman considers her current boyfriend's marriage proposal as she prepares for a graveyard picnic.

A troupe of graverobbing Nigerian children weave together rich tales of their deceased victims set in America, a place full of villains.

When a middle-aged man from a Jewish household goes to visit his father in the hospital, he learns that his father was not born Jewish but unofficially converted and was never circumcised. The man must now find a way to have his father circumcised so he can be buried next to his late wife in a cemetery only for Orthodox Jews.

In a time during Jim Crow, a black man buries a white judge in a black only cemetery. When the white people find out, the man must escape before he is lynched.

A man does not help his wife when she attempts suicide for the third time in a year. Although she seems to miraculously survive the event, her husband soon realizes that something in her is not the same.

After his father complains that he spends too much time at the piano, a young boy in the 1940s American South plans to rob a grave in order to finance his music lessons.

A mother grieving for her late son spends sleepless nights watching him walk across her bedroom. One day, she receives news that his grave is to be dug up.

A hitman rides into a small town to kill his current target, but the assignment does not go according to plan.