Short stories published in 1982

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The males of a family and their neighbor set off to a nearby mountain during winter to retrieve a CAT rig in order to maintain their lumber business, but are forced to contest with extraordinary natural forces as they do so.

When a postman in Trenton, New Jersey succumbs to tetanus, his fellow townspeople learn that he’d spent decades stealing their mail, leading to a town-wide hatred of the dead man.

As she begins to feel that her boyfriend is trying to create reasons for her to leave him, a woman tries to understand his difficult past as a child in the American foster care system.

After a lawyer's wife leaves him, the lawyer returns home from work to learn from his son that there is an intruder in their home.

When an Iraq veteran goes missing, his friends reenact their wartime routines to lure him out of hiding.

For this time traveler's final test, he must learn if history can really be changed.

A couple in Brooklyn is sent into a panic when the pregnant wife begins to have contractions two months early.

While working through the complexities of her past relationship with her ex-husband, a woman considers her current boyfriend's marriage proposal as she prepares for a graveyard picnic.

After a troubled teenager living with his grandparents in southern California gets busted for drugs, he spends the summer with his mother and his new stepfather, where he slowly reforms his behavior.

When a successful economist and a financial consultant in happy marriages engage in an affair, they are forced to navigate through their complex motivations and desires, their incompatibility with each other, and the potential end to their relationship.