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After witnessing a wife wracked with grief stand over her husband's dead body, a priest is filled with anxiety at the thought of both his own and his loved ones' mortality.

After the disappearance of one of her beloved humans, a dachshund tries to acclimate to life without her. But, when yet another loss strikes, the dachshund's life is changed forever.

Three patrol officers patrol high-speed highways in North America for 11 months out of the year, resolving crashes and maintaining order while on patrol missions. During a patrol, they track down and take down a dangerous criminal.

A couple in Brooklyn is sent into a panic when the pregnant wife begins to have contractions two months early.

A woman reflects on a day — back when she was a young poet in 1972 New York City — she spent retrieving furniture to borrow from a young man about to visit his home in Chile. The man was eventually taken by the secret police, leaving the woman with his furniture for years to come.

A depressed academic uses a robot endowed with AI to help recover from her illness while simultaneously remembering the story of Alan Turing.

After his dog falls ill, a socially awkward middle-aged man struggles to navigate his day-to-day life without her.

When a violent father receives a call from someone who claims to be his biological brother, he must re-evaluate what family means to him.

A man in the military visits the younger sister of his girlfriend—and sexual tension sparks between the two.

A group of Marines recall their horrifying memories of fighting on the Pacific front of World War II, while a journalist attempts to glorify their experiences for his readers.