Short stories tagged with Adoption

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In the far future, a human veteran adopts a war soldier, developing an unlikely friendship that helps each of them cope with the trauma of combat.

A Basque woman tells a moving story of a found family with three daughters, born in unconventional circumstances.

A woman finds herself impregnated out of wedlock by a man who suddenly decides that he will only marry a ‘pure’ woman. She conceals the pregnancy from him in order to go forward with the marriage, but his adultery and continued irresponsibility after their wedding give her a second chance at motherhood.

A former doctor is called out of his alcoholism and cynicism to help others—first when his nephew is shot, then when a tornado devastates the area.

A cloned teenage girl living on the moon must come to terms with her predetermined job, husband, and future.

A middle-aged man and his wife struggle to keep up with their teenage daughter who they just adopted six months ago, especially when she takes interest in a boy her age.

A sixty-year-old ex-missionary takes an emotional pilgrimage to her first home in India and makes a new friend along the way.

When a violent father receives a call from someone who claims to be his biological brother, he must re-evaluate what family means to him.

A couple adopts a troubled six year old child who takes a startling interest in one very precious item in their home.

When child protective services shows up on her doorstep with a stepson she's never met, a woman hauls the kid to her childhood home in Idaho. She finds work as a fire lookout and grows attached to the child, who is put in danger by natural disaster.