Short stories tagged with Blizzard

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A woman finally forms a relationship with her half-sister, but becomes concerned for her well-being; the half-sister and her husband each tell the woman a different story.

A middle-aged man and his wife struggle to keep up with their teenage daughter who they just adopted six months ago, especially when she takes interest in a boy her age.

A blizzard strikes a tiny Canadian town of Dene and Inuit, trapping the locals with their unexpected guest - and the violent Wendigo spirit possessing him.

A young couple in 1880s Wyoming buys a plot of land, builds a home, and falls in love. The man leaves temporarily for work, but tragedy befalls each of them, and the couple never reunites.

When a family finds a child in their yard buried in snow and suffering from frostbite, they try to warm him up to save his life. The child eventually awakes and tells them that his family is in danger, and so two men and a boy venture out to save their neighbors, if they can make it through the deep snow without freezing.