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As she begins to feel that her boyfriend is trying to create reasons for her to leave him, a woman tries to understand his difficult past as a child in the American foster care system.

A woman addicted to narcotics works as a waitress and fixes up her apartment in hopes of getting back her son from foster care after throwing him against a wall.

When a young, Irish girl travels to stay with extended family due to her immediate family's financial struggles, she begins to feel more at home in her new, temporary life.

A middle-aged man and his wife struggle to keep up with their teenage daughter who they just adopted six months ago, especially when she takes interest in a boy her age.

In a dystopian New York City, a Puerto Rican, hard-of-speaking male falls for a white male in a foster care house. They make money using their brains as data processing centers but try to find another way out.

A gay Black woman living in New York City meets her trans teenage daughter for the first time, years after she gave her up for adoption. The meeting brings back dark and painful memories of abuse and manipulation, caused by her daughter's father.