Short stories by Sam J. Miller

Sam J. Miller is the Nebula-Award-winning author of The Art of Starving (an NPR best of the year) and Blackfish City (a best book of the year for Vulture, The Washington Post, Barnes & Noble, and more – and a “Must Read” in Entertainment Weekly and O: The Oprah Winfrey Magazine). A recipient of the Shirley Jackson Award and a graduate of the Clarion Writers’ Workshop, Sam’s work has been nominated for the World Fantasy, Theodore Sturgeon, John W. Campbell and Locus Awards, and reprinted in dozens of anthologies. A community organizer by day, he lives in New York City.

Listing 7 stories.

When a pop star whose music has a supernatural effect on her fans turns up dead, a documentary filmmaker interviews those who knew her to try to understand her downfall. Though she was an addict and accused of witchcraft by religious zealots, the singer’s ultimate undoing comes in the form of a forbidden romance.

On an artificial island build to counter the effects of climate-induced flooding, an immigrant father returns from a long period away and struggles to reconnect with his distant son.

In a world where reboots, people whose digital minds have been downloaded into new bodies, are the lowest class, a living human has a chance to take society down.

In the near future, celebrity DNA is the hottest commodity, purchased to create celebrity clone children. For undercover operative Thatch, investigating these “hacksperm” kids is as important as it is perplexing as a figure from his past clouds his every thought.

After a brutal attack on his base in Antarctica, a gay, middle-aged ex-soldier joins a conspiracy to attack police precincts around New York City in hopes of changing the status quo.

In a dystopian New York City, a Puerto Rican, hard-of-speaking male falls for a white male in a foster care house. They make money using their brains as data processing centers but try to find another way out.

Overpowered by a mysterious drug, a mother devoted to Christianity tries to find her runaway son.