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A homosexual military sergeant, with no use for his money after his parent’s estrangement, attempts to support the destitute family of a soldier just shipped off to Iraq.

In a world where reboots, people whose digital minds have been downloaded into new bodies, are the lowest class, a living human has a chance to take society down.

A new addition to the English department at a university in Canada raises the eyebrows of the staff because of his apparent queerness, and as they strive to uncover his sexuality, their hypocrisy is satirically revealed.

Jack wanders around the world trying to find the right person, but nobody seems to stay long enough—that is, until he meets Jamie, a person he never thought he could love, and things change forever.

An imagined story of how the Brothers Grimm wrote "Hansel and Gretel" reveals that the classic tale contains notions of suppressed sexuality which affect generations of readers.

After a brutal attack on his base in Antarctica, a gay, middle-aged ex-soldier joins a conspiracy to attack police precincts around New York City in hopes of changing the status quo.

On a charter through islands in Australia, an accountant meets the woman her husband has been having an affair with.

A gay Black woman living in New York City meets her trans teenage daughter for the first time, years after she gave her up for adoption. The meeting brings back dark and painful memories of abuse and manipulation, caused by her daughter's father.