Short stories published in Michigan Quarterly Review

Listing 12 stories.

A hard-working Pennsylvania nurse discovers her friend and ex-lover dead in a ditch. She searches his pockets for the money she loaned him, and when she doesn't find it, she drags his dead body around town in a search for the money.

A 13-year old girl with an eating disorder is sent to live with her mother's distant relatives in the hopes of changing her behavior for the better.

A retired teacher looks back on her teaching career. She focuses on one incident in which a troubled child killed a school pet and wonders if she made the right choice in turning the child in to her parents.

An older woman and self-proclaimed loner is forced to engage with others at her accounting job after she is pushed to socialize by her managers. This, as well as her invasive obsession with the young woman next door, leads her into uncomfortable self-reflection and new experiences.

A writer receiving feedback from a professor on their drafts is sure that the person on the other end is a man. They wrestle with their own hidden identities until the end of their literary relationship comes with an unexpected revelation.

When a musician is faced with harsh criticism from a revered teacher, the life he had always planned goes up in flames.

An imagined story of how the Brothers Grimm wrote "Hansel and Gretel" reveals that the classic tale contains notions of suppressed sexuality which affect generations of readers.

In 2003, a boy's father disappears leaving him feeling empty and confused. Years later, the son finds a portal and he believes he has found a clue to his father's disappearance, but has to ponder the implications of his discovery.

When an out-of-work anthropologist’s toxically masculine, aquarist father falls ill with breast cancer, the son must take care of his father by covering his work at the Detroit Zoo. In doing so, he learns to care for his father’s best friends, the amphibians in his exhibit.

On a business trip to Detroit, a naïve Swede catches feelings for a woman during a one-night stand, but her involvement with a cult prevents any potential future between them.