Short stories tagged with Brotherhood

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After the death of their father, two brothers move in with their unfamiliar aunt and uncle in Harlan, Kentucky, but a bullying incident at school threatens to separate the family.

A family’s plans for the first day of the hunting season are delayed when the reason behind one son and his wife’s separation is revealed.

A Black teen in dystopian Boston works sealing cracks which open underneath the city, threatening to swallow it whole. During one shift, he sees through a black-hole-type crack to an alternate reality in which his queer desire is fully realized.

A young boy runs away from home to visit his older brother in the city, and, becoming worried about his brother, decides to stay in Vancouver with him.

During the Civil War, a young man finds purpose helping the wounded while visiting his own injured brother.

A middle-aged man and his younger brother, an Elvis impersonator, find themselves at the other end of a cultural shift taking over their world at a dizzying rate.

When a violent father receives a call from someone who claims to be his biological brother, he must re-evaluate what family means to him.

A boy's brother dies in the Korean War, but his grandma believes he is still alive, to the disdain of the family.

While on a mission to retrieve his magical coat, a legend of the London Below gets captured by a long-time enemy and, in the face of death, is saved by his older brother. Shaken by this sudden encounter with his first-ever rival, the legend resumes his mission with renewed determination to be his own hero.

After his older brother dies of cancer, a Dominican-American teen strikes up a sexual relationship with his middle-aged neighbor.