Short stories published in 1952

Listing 32 stories.

In 1920s New York, a young boy watches his mother fall in love with a new man, only for that man to unexpectedly pass away and the family's savings to be lost.

After watching a cattle drive on the Great Plains, a cow tells her young a grim tale of the cattle who get sent to factories to be slaughtered and the one cow who escaped.

After the death of their father, two brothers move in with their unfamiliar aunt and uncle in Harlan, Kentucky, but a bullying incident at school threatens to separate the family.

An afternoon at the park takes an unexpected turn for a mother and her son as the well-established families that they admire turn out to be unhappy people who secretly enjoy the misery of others. As the day progresses, the mother is surprised to learn that she and her son share many negative qualities with those families.

A hunter in 2055 pays for a precarious time-traveling service to hunt real dinosaurs. But when he actually encounters the giant reptiles, what was supposed to be a unique and cutting-edge experience becomes a horrifying domino effect that disrupts his world forever.

After the new boy at the circus falls to his death while attempting a trick, his higher-ups wrestle with guilt at the accident and try to escape taking responsibility.

In 1942, an Armenian boy must travel for hours every day to find food for his starving family in Athens. When he finally comes across food, he must decide how to fight his own temptation.

A young man who works at a shipping company comes back to a rooming home and befriends the host. He meets the host's ill husband and discovers more about the couple until he receives the news of the husband's passing.

A young boy burns with childish attraction for his mother's beautiful friend, but finds that a single mistake could ruin everything he imagined between them.

A middle-aged tax consultant who is dissatisfied with life has a night that begins with a wrong address and ends in a liquor-fueled spoken-word poetry party.