Short stories tagged with Starvation

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In 1942, an Armenian boy must travel for hours every day to find food for his starving family in Athens. When he finally comes across food, he must decide how to fight his own temptation.

In twentieth century Ireland, three women decide to impart their generosity on an old man, but their bad manners and hosting skills are not well received by their charity case.

A private schoolteacher in America invites a friend and fellow European exile to her school dinner. In a setting of wealth and prestige, she witnesses how the former countess maintains a façade of class and poise despite her deep suffering.

A starving man wandering the countryside finds solace in a young woman's cottage where she offers him food and rest. But when the young woman starts to behave as if the man is a threat, he must decide whether or not to live up to her fears.

A young boy joins his father at a gathering with three other immigrant men. The reunion between old friends takes a dark turn when one of the men fails to make due during the Great Depression.

A creature driven to extinction by human violence tries to survive and exact vengeance for his fallen people.

When new neighbors move onto the same street as a man and woman's farmhouse, the woman takes an immediate dislike to them while the man tries to help them out.

The young son of a grocer becomes fascinated by a peculiar customer who speaks little and only eats crackers and milk.

A pair of brothers came to a new planet to escape their harsh past lives. But it isn't the paradise they were promised, and now they must fight to survive in hostile conditions.

A policeman comes home distraught and tells his wife about his treatment of the homeless population. After kicking several homeless people, he encounters a dead man and is suddenly remorseful for how he treated him.