Short stories tagged with Survival

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In an alien world, a human city with fanatic religious beliefs expands by destroying a peaceful alien people’s religious pyramids, disbanding them. However, relics of this human god begin appearing in these alien clans, convincing the human leadership that a miracle is occurring.

When a talented linguist makes contact with the Martian species and is invited into their inner circle, he uncovers a culturally rich civilization in danger of going extinct.

In the post-apocalyptic United States, a handful of survivors fend off demons desperate to feed on human flesh.

A freed slave on an alien planet reflects on the enormous societal upheavals she witnessed and led.

Two enemies become inextricably linked when one chooses mercy.

A woman descending Mount Everest watches as her fellow climbers begin to die around her and she wonders why she climbs the mountain in the first place.

In the distant future, a female steward aboard a ship traveling through space attempts to save the lives of the crew members who ostracized her.

As a woman grows older, she falls into a deep sadness while the men around her constantly tell her to cheer up.

In a flood-ravaged world, a haughty man turns away beggars who, unlike him, failed to stock up before the dystopia, unless one man makes a request he’d never heard before: whiskey, please.

When a shipbreaker travels to an African island to shut down a shipyard owned by his employer, he meets an ex-Corporate America worker who pushes him to reconsider.