Short stories tagged with Femininity

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While her boyfriend travels through Europe, a paralegal moves into a new apartment with two new roommates. Against the backdrop of their wildly dissimilar personalities, she reexamines her values.

A Japanese woman who has begun to forget her name, frantically seeks the help of an eccentric clinician who eventually claims to know what happened to her name.

On a trip to their deceased cousin’s seaside estate, a young woman strains against the constant insults and reprimands leveraged by her demanding elderly mother and aunt.

As a woman grows older, she falls into a deep sadness while the men around her constantly tell her to cheer up.

In the near future, a 33-year-old American woman infiltrates a terrorist network in the Mediterranean. Posing as harmless arm candy, she uses her cyborg implants to procure classified information, all the while struggling to evade suspicion.

In a convent, a young nun’s internal war between desire and religion comes to a head when she makes a new, devious friend.

A mystic woman rules over her island and recounts the journey she took to get there. From Boston as a young, Black girl to a wealthy French estate owner, nobody can seem to take their eyes off of her.

A man reflects on a goose-hunting trip with his mother and her then-boyfriend when he was 16, contemplating how the venture impacted his own philosophies, as well as his relationship with his mother.

A young librarian with two dead parents moves across the country and meets an idealistic but shallow man. When their relationship falls apart, he urges her to give more of herself to the community, ignorant of the ways in which she's had to give so much away already.

A Frenchman tells the story of his escape from the Germans and how he believes the French have lost, not because of the battle, but because they have lost the French women and the French spirit.