Short stories published in ZYZZYVA

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After her husband goes missing, a young mother assumes he's been deported and decides she must find work of her own.

While her boyfriend travels through Europe, a paralegal moves into a new apartment with two new roommates. Against the backdrop of their wildly dissimilar personalities, she reexamines her values.

A mysterious coalition gets the first woman elected as president. But when she starts to defy their order, they endeavor to assassinate her and her with a robotically controlled replica.

A baseball pitcher feels the intense pressure of an important game as he looks back on his successful career and the tension it created with his distant father.

During an overnight field trip to a museum, an elementary-aged girl who claims to be good with boys despite her mediocre looks tries to spend some time alone with her crush, but her crush's helicopter mother keeps interfering.

When a mortgage broker goes under in the 2008 housing crisis, he and his family move and attempt to start fresh, but he finds himself haunted by the past.

When a paddle-boating excursion goes wrong, a family makes one final sweet memory to cling onto during the years of separation and sadness that follow.

After their band breaks up, a woman and her boyfriend take up an itinerant lifestyle in Idaho. As she wanders through the wilderness and the small farming town, a sense of the inevitable, of the unspeakable, begins to dawn on her: She contemplates murdering her own baby.

After five years of searching for a famed Nazi, a man and his fellow agents discover the fugitive right under their noses, but their plan to abduct him goes awry.

A male cyclist in modern day L.A. meets a whimsical woman who wants to follow a river through the city. The cyclist joins her every day until they reach the end of the stream.