Short stories tagged with Exploration

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When four members of a spacecraft finally land on a distant planet, they fall victim to terrible and inexplicable pain around their ears.

As a young Japanese man reflects on significant moments in his life, a stunning musical encounter leads him on the path to self-acceptance.

A journalist interviews a filmmaker at three different points in human history–2018, 2027, and 2039–to chart the discovery, retrieval, and visualization of a mysterious book found on Mars.

A bitter recent divorcee and her partner embark on a cruise to the Great Barrier Reef. Over time, the woman’s disdain for her loud fellow passengers turns to one of admiration and she leaves with a more positive attitude.

When an older woman seeks reprieve from her motherly duties on a day of solitude in the woods, an unexpected slip changes her life forever.

A South Asian woman harbors a deep fascination with the ocean. When she works with renegade scientists to track a blue whale, the woman and the whale form a deep bond.

The child of two American expatriates in modern Zambia walks through a party, discovering the secret life that servants lead when she isn’t looking.

After one of her father's notebooks is recovered from an icecap, a woman recalls the love story between her mother, a rural woman who always wanted adventure, and her father, an adventurous explorer who disappeared on a voyage to the Arctic.

After a man suffers from an accident that requires a futuristic surgery to help him grow his lost brain matter back, he goes on a trip with his two oldest friends through the Sierras. Ridge running across the mountains, he tries to recover the memories and knowledge he lost.

A male cyclist in modern day L.A. meets a whimsical woman who wants to follow a river through the city. The cyclist joins her every day until they reach the end of the stream.