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When a programmer creates a new type of empathy-based cryptocurrency that disrupts the workings of a charity run by her old roomate, the two are drawn into conflict over rationality, morality and justice.

Prison inmates are told that they're being sent to scope out a new Earth for mankind to move to, but when they "come back" they find out they have just been play-testing a new virtual reality video game. Prison inmates are used to test a new video game which would have them inhabit a virtually real new planet, but they believe they are truly being sent to another solar system. When they realize that they've just been playing a game, there are long-term psychological impacts.

A journalist interviews a filmmaker at three different points in human history–2018, 2027, and 2039–to chart the discovery, retrieval, and visualization of a mysterious book found on Mars.

In a distant future in which technological advances have extended human lifespans, a man must decide whether or not to upload his dying Cuban refugee mother’s consciousness to a digital “habitat” technology he has developed, where she can live out her life in virtual simulation back home in Cuba.

When an update deletes an underground virtual night club from the map, its owner decides that they will uninstall the game and start living their real life.

In the distant future where communication is supposed to be made simple, a mother continues to struggle to break through to her young daughter, even with a visit to a unique museum that pays tribute to miscommunication between people through the ages.

In 2038, a woman visits her estranged father’s retirement community to find that he has replaced her with a robot in the form of a little girl.

A 10-year-old refugee hurdles on a ship through space and time to find another habitable planet. After six failed planets and an encounter with a ghostly redhead, she discovers that their voyage may have been damned from the start.

In an unknown town in the far future, a hacker blackmails a civilian by hijacking his virtual immersion software, putting the civilian in doubt of what's real and what's fake.

A desperate spouse introduces her wife to a game about cat politics in hopes of helping her with her dementia. But when her wife turns out to be a prodigy at the game, she risks losing her forever to the fantastical gaming world.