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In a futuristic world where hardly a trace of natural life exists untouched by human interference, a Citizen makes an unprecedented choice that brings a slew of notoriety and ethical questions.

In small town in Iowa, a woman who works at the American Gothic House forms a relationship with a famed serial killer. She begins to think about violence, death, and who has the power to kill.

In the distant future where communication is supposed to be made simple, a mother continues to struggle to break through to her young daughter, even with a visit to a unique museum that pays tribute to miscommunication between people through the ages.

A young woman stumbles upon an explicit photograph of her now-deceased mother hung in a museum. She tracks down the photographer looking for answers she may not care to find.

On a trip to Basel, a man falls in love with a middle-aged writer’s muse, creating a love triangle destined to fall apart under the weight of the old writer’s age.

A middle-aged married couple ventures out on a tour of astronomically significant sites in Europe as a devastating event looms on their horizon.