Short stories tagged with Foreboding

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An aging Caucasian ex-military pilot-turned-farmer and his wife struggle to maintain control of two newly acquired buffalo, while wildfires and drought blacken the sky and the farmer's sister becomes increasingly subsumed by doomsday cultism. cults build shelters to prepare for nuclear destruction. Set in the present day.

When an alcoholic-turned-family man in modern-day Cleveland has sleeping problems due to his son’s night screaming, he is haunted by his other family that he left behind a decade prior. During a nightmare about his old family, he wakes up to an even more grim reality.

On a trip to Basel, a man falls in love with a middle-aged writer’s muse, creating a love triangle destined to fall apart under the weight of the old writer’s age.

A modern Puerto Rican parrot meditates on why humans seek intelligence in other corners of the universe while they neglect the refined communicative capacities of their neighboring parrots.