Short stories published in 2002

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When his unstable ex girlfriend shows up on his doorstep with a kidnapped baby, a young man must decide what to do with both the baby and the woman.

An elderly widower from Atlanta works for the United States Forest Service to escape his grief. In Big Bend National Park, he meets a woman who makes him feel young and alive.

A Filipina nanny working for a white family in the United States saves coins with the child to take him to visit her home in the Philippines. When the bank rejects their painstakingly-collected pennies, she teaches him a lesson about anger and optimism.

Three daughters in Florida care for their mother in the late stages of her cancer, meanwhile addressing their own strained relationships and trauma.

A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

When a sick, human-eating reptile knocks on a man's front door, the man must reconcile his fear with his desire to help the creature.

In English countryside, a brother and sister prepare to have dinner with an old friend they were both in love with fifteen years ago.

After a hospital nurse who is also a church sister has an argument with an atheist patient that nearly gets her fired from her job, she surprisingly convinces him to come to her church.

There are many stories from the days of the first refuges to Mars, but none of them are love stories.

Amidst warnings about decreasing air quality and a sudden mandate for people to wear gas masks, a woman contemplates whether or not to leave her partner.