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Three daughters in Florida care for their mother in the late stages of her cancer, meanwhile addressing their own strained relationships and trauma.

After his father dies, a young man returns to his father's farm to settle his affairs. One night, four strangers show up at the farm with a request.

A boy learns a lesson when he is recruited to help a blind man panhandle at an intersection.

A man returns to New Hampshire after years of hiding from his past to handle his dead father's affairs. When he encounters an old friend-turned-enemy and a local girl goes missing, the past he tried to run away from comes to light in a heart-racing turn of events.

A six-year-old boy visiting his extended family for Christmas on the East coast must survive the constant abuse from his toxically masculine father which sends him further and further into the recesses of his imagination.

In a small town, a teenage girl who suffers from sexual harassment and assault finds first love, escapes her abusive household, and begins to heal.

In 1956, a sister and brother miss a train from Boston to New Brunswick, Canada, because they’ve lost their father’s coffin on the way to the funeral; this delay gives the whole family time to reflect on their distinct relationships with their father.

When a man's children return home to visit him and and his wife for Christmas, he reflects on their tense family dynamic, his past aggressive and abusive behavior, and his distance from his eldest daughter, who has found a new family with her boyfriend and his child.