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True love for the wrong person can burn a house from the inside out

An extended family gathers in Maryland for Christmas and plays a game of charades. During the game, various areas of family tension are revealed.

A young man who went broke moves back to Chicago and lives in his aunt's basement. Meanwhile, he becomes a roofer where he is exposed to a spectrum of poverty, racism, and power among his colleagues.

A mother and her young daughter flee the clutches of her abusive millionaire husband who is intent on keeping her by any means, and even sends a man to her hotel dressed as Santa during Christmas.

On a cold Seattle night, deep in the heart of winter, a woman walks into a bar and finds the beautiful and animal-like woman she has been waiting for. She chases the woman into the night and finds the stranger is not what she seems—but neither is the protagonist.

While visiting Paris for the holiday season, a young girl and her grandfather get homesick for the countryside. At the Christmas market, they finally find something worth coming to the city for.

Black Peter appeals to the Nicolaite Society to replace the icon of Saint Nicholas with that of Haile Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia.

A group of girls living in an agrarian commune go to extraordinary lengths to protect a technologically advanced humanoid robot from its makers.

Billions of years in the future, most lifeforms have vanished from the universe. Santa Claus must fight to keep Christmas—and all lifeforms—alive.

A man fantasizes about courting his friend's wife, despite being married himself, with increasing desire.