Short stories tagged with Consciousness

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In the near future, a young mother leaves behind a book for her daughter before she embarks on her space journey to the outer solar system in an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial creatures. Sections from her book are interspersed with her husband's verbal recollections of their love story, which he addresses to their young daughter.

A young couple hitchhiking to a commune accept drugs from the trucker driving them. High and hallucinating, they must appease the unpredictable trucker while keeping him at a safe distance.

A young, beast-like creature who works as an apprentice to a god carver is tasked with carving a new god. However, the god he carves clashes with his society's values; as a result, his people take his memories from him and banish him to the wild to start anew.

Billions of years in the future, most lifeforms have vanished from the universe. Santa Claus must fight to keep Christmas—and all lifeforms—alive.

A fifty-year-old tech billionaire’s preference for solitude is challenged when someone hacks his AI-controlled home and traps him for a ransom of 150 million dollars.

Three young adults who rent a surrogate robot to quell their loneliness find themselves even more alone.

A young woman unlocks the secrets of widespread space travel. With the help of cybernetics and technology that allow her to transport her consciousness outside of her body, she explores space, expanding her consciousness to become a powerful entity capable of shaping entire planets and warping space time to achieve her eventual goal of finding a new Earth for humans.

As humans gain the ability to upload their consciousness, a man must come to grips with the end of the world as he once knew it.

Millions of years after the Big Bang, a speck of consciousness in a galaxy wakes up with no sense of self-identity.

A schoolmarm attempts to teach a group of men about justice, time, and irony in a repurposed saloon after they vote to have her hung for her disciplinarian ways.