Short stories published in 2000

Listing 47 stories.

Workers at an American franchise restaurant located in southern China learn of the different ways American capitalism exploits them and creates food waste, leading them to rebel against their bosses.

In a future Boston, a passenger train disappears from a subway system so complex the system creates a second dimension. Government officials work to retrieve the missing car, but struggle to solve the impossible mathematic equations the system created.

A man who is out of prison on parole in New Jersey steals a car and drives West.

A man reminisces on his youth working as a bartender in New York, 1969. He's stressed about money and the cook in the bar gets him into drugs, to which his girlfriend is opposed.

A family house in New Jersey watches on as twin boys are born, grow up together, and eventually become two very different men.

A mystic woman rules over her island and recounts the journey she took to get there. From Boston as a young, Black girl to a wealthy French estate owner, nobody can seem to take their eyes off of her.

An older female employee at a video store mentors a younger girl about the idea of agency, trying to prevent the girl from developing a relationship with an older man who does not have her best intentions in mind.

A married woman has a conversation with her friend's ex-boyfriend who expresses his regret for a series of failed relationships. Though the woman is happily married, these conversations remind her of her own regrets and abusive ex-husband.

In a futuristic world where the outdoors is clouded in an impenetrable darkness, a group of school children learn about mathematically engineered images that kill those who look upon them. They discover the strange darkness is due to biochips in their brains, designed to protect them from terrorist displays of these images.

A woman in an uninspired marriage to an older man prepares to leave him. After he slips in the tub and injures himself, she must decide if she should still go.