Short stories tagged with Lost

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One night in the late 1960s, an American couple vacationing at a lake in Germany gets split up, filling both with dread and fear as they are pushed to their limits trying to reunite.

In a future Boston, a passenger train disappears from a subway system so complex the system creates a second dimension. Government officials work to retrieve the missing car, but struggle to solve the impossible mathematic equations the system created.

A native Brooklynite helps a big man get to Boisenhoist, a section in Brooklyn. However, as the two converse, the native Brooklynite becomes more and more wary of the other man's antics.

An Iraq soldier who struggles with PTSD is discharged and begins to babysit his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. When he pretends to be the young girl's father to win the girl tickets to a performance, his secret becomes difficult to keep.

A crotchety old woman gets off at the wrong bus stop and, to her dismay, is stuck in a town she's never heard of with strangers whose behavior is bizarre and disconcerting.

An unemployed woman in a contemporary urban setting passes a slow day at home, where mundanities consume her and reality seems far away.

Stuck with a broken engine in the middle of icy cold weather, a traveler goes to a nearby farm to seek help. He comes across a boy with a greater problem than his own, and changes his plans to help out the boy and his sick grandfather.

Beginning and concluding with the sound of a ringing phone, this story follows a man as he navigates unwelcome interactions and the lull of newly-unemployed life.

Thistle is leading her partner Wilder through the forest to meet her mother. Wilder asks if her mother lives in the river or in a tree, and Thistle says she is the river and the tree.

A boy's family goes missing at the beach after he interacts with another family that lives down the street; he is kidnapped by a possible witch when he tries to investigate.