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A middle-aged New York editor becomes entranced by a young female writer whose work he rejects. As they meet more and more frequently for coffee, the editor endlessly analyzes whether or not the young woman shares his interest in becoming more than friends.

When a village's beloved schoolteacher disappears just as mysteriously as she arrived an entire century earlier, the townspeople are left to contend with her legacy and lessons.

A woman flying home to San Francisco is forced on a detour because of a catastrophic earthquake that hits Northern California. She calls an ex-boyfriend with whom she is still in love to make sure he is safe and the two weigh whether or not to continue their romance.

After twelve years at sea, an elderly sailor must decide if he should return to Liverpool to search for his lover, or if he is too old for love to even try.

After one of her father's notebooks is recovered from an icecap, a woman recalls the love story between her mother, a rural woman who always wanted adventure, and her father, an adventurous explorer who disappeared on a voyage to the Arctic.

When an old woman sees her son straining to leave to see the world, she remembers her husband doing the same many years earlier. In a fierce battle pitting love against discovery and adventure, she does her utmost to set him free.

A humanoid immortal figure lives through the years following the death of her friend. As she watches the last of her friend's lineage die after 600 years, she reflects on the nature of her relationship with the friend.

A man who hasn't gotten over his past love, sees his ex walking down the streets. The only issue is that the ex has changed and is married.

An Iraq soldier who struggles with PTSD is discharged and begins to babysit his ex-girlfriend’s daughter. When he pretends to be the young girl's father to win the girl tickets to a performance, his secret becomes difficult to keep.

After an esteemed professor of anthropology writes a memoir detailing her family's experience during the Holocaust, an elderly woman reaches out, insisting that she is the professor's long-lost cousin.