Short stories tagged with Belonging

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A young, intersex outcast struggling to find their place in society finds solace in a beautiful visitor from another world. Despite having thoughts and motivations beyond human understanding, the two bond over their shared experiences and trauma, all the while battling ghosts from their past.

When a village's beloved schoolteacher disappears just as mysteriously as she arrived an entire century earlier, the townspeople are left to contend with her legacy and lessons.

With a fresh fade and new Jordans, a teenage boy hopes his new look will impress his crush, but worries that their differences are too extreme.

A Canadian schoolteacher sets up shop on a tiny, near-barren island off the coast of Labrador. Before long, what begins as a peaceful new life full of love and community becomes a cold, icy prison.

In 1940s New York, a young writer becomes captivated by his enigmatic neighbor, Holly Golightly, a free-spirited woman who seeks a place she can call home while trying to run away from her past life.

After a terrifying illness, an Indian grandmother drops everything and moves to live with her son and his wife in California. What she finds is a family that has begun to leave behind the traditions she cherishes, and her desperate attempts to save them only intensify her suffering.

After barely graduating high school, a woman takes a nude modeling job in New York City. Almost without realizing, she forges a strange connection with one of the students, a middle-aged Pakistani man, and their experiences harmonize in unexpected ways.

In the future, a field ethnologist studies and gains access to a new culture by raising her two children there and learning through them. As the children mature, the culturally ascribed gender roles make life hard for the son.

A ghost catcher is worried she'll be kicked out of the family business and, because of this, feels that she has one last chance to have a smooth and successful job.

One late summer, a time-traveling couple and their daughter move into a house in the countryside. Their daughter soon develops a strong bond with the girl who lives across the street, but as the time-traveling parents prepare their family to jump to a new time, the two teenage girls face the terrifying prospect of losing their treasured friendship for good.