Short stories tagged with Female Relationships

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A depressed woman drives her friends and therapist crazy, going ceaselessly on about the childhood trauma she incurred during her parents’ divorce settlings.

A young woman guards the main exhibit of her family's London museum: The Emerald Coat, a garment which kills whomever dons it by permanently transporting them to another realm. The woman lives as a gatekeeper to death, wondering when she will fulfill what she believes to be her ultimate fate — putting the coat on herself, and leaving this world forever.

One late summer, a time-traveling couple and their daughter move into a house in the countryside. Their daughter soon develops a strong bond with the girl who lives across the street, but as the time-traveling parents prepare their family to jump to a new time, the two teenage girls face the terrifying prospect of losing their treasured friendship for good.

A photographer grapples with the meaning of her own work and life after the untimely death of a female musician friend, whom she had documented from her high school years in 1990s Chicago through her adult life of performances, drugs, and rocky relationships.