Short stories tagged with Futurism

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In a world where women can have their menstrual cycles removed, a family tries to talk their daughter out of joining a group that embraces their periods.

A woman harbors a secret desire to have a baby in a future world where childbirth is extremely rare and discouraged.

One late summer, a time-traveling couple and their daughter move into a house in the countryside. Their daughter soon develops a strong bond with the girl who lives across the street, but as the time-traveling parents prepare their family to jump to a new time, the two teenage girls face the terrifying prospect of losing their treasured friendship for good.

In the very far future, a woman takes the chance to leave Earth and look for a new planet to settle on. However, each time she's awoken from her stasis pod, she's confronted with the choice of whether to settle on an increasingly unfamiliar and strange planet that will force her to adapt into something non-human or whether to go back to sleep for thousands of years more, hoping for something better.