Short stories tagged with Mystery

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A young Chinese woman has just been divorced by her husband and wonders what her next stage in life will be. However, her dark past makes her wonder if her life is worth living, until she meets an older gentleman.

A taxi driver picks up a mysterious, dirty child who only wants to ride with him. As he picks her up in different spots throughout the summer, he decides he wants to learn more about the unusual girl.

A female novelist asks her friend for help with her story about a woman who has a reputation for her husbands dying during marriage. The friend offers a story idea that seems oddly similar to the author's life.

In 1940s New York, a young writer becomes captivated by his enigmatic neighbor, Holly Golightly, a free-spirited woman who seeks a place she can call home while trying to run away from her past life.

During his travels in the Pacific, a young man hears tales of a great adventurer. When he returns home and relays the news to his father, he discovers a long-kept secret.

A dying man claims he has been falsely accused of stealing. After the man dies, everybody believes the man's statement, until two men discover that the man isn't as honest as he seems, and they must decide whether to reveal the truth.

When a middle-aged German man receives a message from an old friend he knew in his youth, he travels back to St. Petersburg but cannot find him. He only finds mysterious bears wandering around the city.

Fed up with her creepy, controlling stepfather, a teenage girl goes against his rules and meets up with her old boyfriend. The pair stumble upon a dangerous secret that puts them both in grave danger.

An aging woman obsessed with mysterious accidents finally meets the monster she’s been searching for ever since her father’s disappearance years before.

A country girl goes to the city to find work. However, the work is not what she expected.