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When an old nurse and two children go out for a perfect afternoon walk, they are distraught to return home and find that something is out of place.

A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

A destitute Pakistani man asks to work for a wealthy family in modern-day Pakistan. When he loses something that he values most, the man finally learns the brutal reality of his position in society.

When a man marries a princess from Cimmeria, a country he believes he imagined into existence, he must come to terms with a culture that recognizes twins as a single person—a primary and their shadow—and the lengths a shadow twin would go to in order to become their own person.

Two experimentalist filmmakers put out an open call for footage for their newest project and receive a video of a performance art-esque suicide. Initially, they are fascinated by the video, unable to determine its meaning or methods of production. Their attempts to understand it quickly end up becoming a Pandora's box as the man from the video continues to haunt the two friends, the people around them, and the film industry at large.

When a middle-aged woman’s daughter mysteriously reappears after going missing for three years, she notices something about her child isn’t quite the same.

After his uncle goes missing, a young Coeur d'Alene Native American convinces his mom to hold a funeral. He reflects on all the family members he has lost and on their proximity to violence inflicted by the US government that is often viewed as past.

An aging woman obsessed with mysterious accidents finally meets the monster she’s been searching for ever since her father’s disappearance years before.

Three women are murdered. After they become the talk of the town, everyone speculates about what happened to them, and the police investigating the case receive one false piece of evidence after another another.

When the child of a young couple goes missing, the police and the townspeople blame the child's mother and wonder if she could even be at fault for the disappearance. A series of new and old discoveries plants seeds of doubt in the father's mind such that, even after his daughter is found, he worries his daughter isn't safe around his wife.