Short stories tagged with Women

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When a man known as the Unmarried Mother enters a bar in 1970s New York, he gets roped into a time travel quest bent on recovering his long-lost child and finding his old lover.

A Harvard College student reflects on his troubled relationship with his mother as she dies.

In a society where the top one percent rules the lower classes, a teenage girl is forced out of her home by ethnic cleansing and must turn to a wealthy man in order to survive.

Mrs. Berthelson is the only human that can travel through time, so she journeys to a post-apocalyptic Earth where she tries to sell life-saving supplies to the last surviving humans as they are about to escape the planet.

On a cold Seattle night, deep in the heart of winter, a woman walks into a bar and finds the beautiful and animal-like woman she has been waiting for. She chases the woman into the night and finds the stranger is not what she seems—but neither is the protagonist.

Two competitive female leads of a Broadway revue in the 1930s meet with a press agent and separately reflect on petty digs they have thrown at each other in an effort to maintain dominance over the show. Each wishes to prove herself to be the superior performer, but together, they react in an unexpected way when the cameras turns upon them.

Slowly dying from cancer, Jinny wanders to bus stops, cornfields, and to a floating bridge thinking about the futures her husband Neal and many men will have without her.

In the 1980s, when one of the women in a New York female friend group is on the brink of death, her friends reflect on their children, particularly the ones who are gone, and their attachments to each other.

In a world where inter-cultural communication is translated through an immerser, which Agnes has had on too long, her husband Galen meets with the restaurant owner to plan their fifth anniversary dinner, but one of the employees, Quy, recognizes Agnes’s addiction and tries to help.

A young man takes a woman to haunted ruins in England. They begin a happy romance until they encounter an enthralling monster and return from the ruins with portions of their memory missing.