Short stories published in If

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A Jesuit biologist and his team work to uncover the mysteries of a planet in the hope that it can be inhabitable for humans. But as he interacts with the native inhabitants, he realizes he has a decision to make: protect the planet or let those on Earth use it for their own selfish needs.

Mrs. Berthelson is the only human that can travel through time, so she journeys to a post-apocalyptic Earth where she tries to sell life-saving supplies to the last surviving humans as they are about to escape the planet.

The first manned trip to Pluto discovers some fascinating and alarming information. A trip to Pluto uncovers information that changes science and human history as we know it.

After his research proposal is unanimously rejected by the university board, a well-renowned college professor and his wife conduct an experimental study in the 1950s. The experiment, which gives a lab rat human consciousness through a robot body, becomes dangerous when a crucial factor goes unnoticed.

After a car accident, a man gains the ability to see into the past and attempts to contact a mysterious creature trapped in the cliffs near his farm.