Short stories tagged with Animal Ethics

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Advancements in technology bring a chimpanzee's intelligence on par with humans, and he sets off to the moon to conduct research while yearning for his simpler life before he was augmented.

A group of journalists are invited to a New Zealand farm to view genetically engineered creatures designed to end world hunger. But when the creatures appear to speak and be sentient, the company scrambles to convince the journalists they were mistaken.

After his research proposal is unanimously rejected by the university board, a well-renowned college professor and his wife conduct an experimental study in the 1950s. The experiment, which gives a lab rat human consciousness through a robot body, becomes dangerous when a crucial factor goes unnoticed.

A husband's increasing resentment towards his wife is tracked and contrasted to his incessant devotion and investment in horse racing and a particular horse's harrowing journey after its injury.