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In a near future where vampires have taken over the Earth, a young woman who has ingratiated herself into vampire society struggles to remember what it means to be human. Vampires have taken over the earth and keep humans in camps to feed off of. A young human woman tries to become a vampire herself.

Prison inmates are told that they're being sent to scope out a new Earth for mankind to move to, but when they "come back" they find out they have just been play-testing a new virtual reality video game. Prison inmates are used to test a new video game which would have them inhabit a virtually real new planet, but they believe they are truly being sent to another solar system. When they realize that they've just been playing a game, there are long-term psychological impacts.

Advancements in technology bring a chimpanzee's intelligence on par with humans, and he sets off to the moon to conduct research while yearning for his simpler life before he was augmented.

In 1975, a meteor shower brings hundreds of invasive alien plant species to Earth, who quickly take hold of local ecosystems. A scientist grows up and grows old amid the fallout.

A middle-aged father starts to get mysterious visits from Italian mobsters as his marriage detiorates.

A librarian's apprentice copies down the contents of a strange green book which contains the trapped soul of a dead woman.

Assuming that they were here to invade, mankind massacred the aliens whose ships landed on Earth. Now, the aliens and humans have an uneasy peace together. The aliens who landed on earth love to fly kites. One kite-maker sells them despite harassment from skinheads who hate the aliens and anyone who does business with them.

A two-bit magician seduces a mother who has recently lost her young son in a motorcycle incident. Later, he finds himself back at the gravesite and uses the little magic he actually has inherited from his truly magical father to bring her son back to life.