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When an anti-Semitic teenager attacks a Jewish boy, war breaks out between the teenage boy factions of 1980s Long Island.

A middle-aged father starts to get mysterious visits from Italian mobsters as his marriage detiorates.

A depressed woman drives her friends and therapist crazy, going ceaselessly on about the childhood trauma she incurred during her parents’ divorce settlings.

A professor conceives a plan with a magician where he can be transported into the world of fictional characters. He tries to have an affair with Emma from Madame Bovary, but when he brings her into New York, things go awry.

Can a husband tell that the creature in his bed is actually an alien Mushroom Queen and that his real wife is now a fungus-like entity spreading her mycelium across the states trying to get home? Probably not, but the family dog can. One minute she's dreaming about escaping from her loveless marriage, and the next, she's thrown underground by her mushroom doppelgänger, who is now sleeping with her husband. Can a husband detect that his wife has been replaced by the queen of mushrooms? Probably not, but her clever dog can.

A young Catholic Armenian boy is asked to sing for the Presbyterian Choir because of his fantastic voice. However, he hates the church and is skeptical about his faith.

A charismatic banker pretends to have a twin brother so intensely that he is able to pull off a high-stakes robbery only to become his pseudo-self in the process.