Short stories published in 2005

Listing 36 stories.

An aging couple living in post-Mao Beijing hide their disabled daughter from the world, and help a man conceal his affair as their own marriage is eroded by a secret.

A Latvian man who immigrated to Los Angeles as a boy must travel back to his homeland to ensure that his grandfather receives his new gravestone after the stonecutter his family was corresponding with dies.

A homosexual military sergeant, with no use for his money after his parent’s estrangement, attempts to support the destitute family of a soldier just shipped off to Iraq.

A man in LA meets a younger man online who reminds him of his ex. After a wild night, the two go home together and the man discovers a love for dominating his submissive partner.

A Russian-American divorcee with a strange living situation tries to navigate her complicated relationships—with friends, roommates, and lovers.

When an ex-prisoner-turned-cowboy becomes a farmhand, he forms unconventional relationships with the elderly brother and sister who own the ranch.

When a young Australian woman meets an Indian immigrant at an electronica concert in Paris, a touching one-night stand allows the pair to bond over their isolation.

After his retirement, an older man struggles to come to terms with his own mortality and begins to imagine death all around him, particularly when he hears coyotes howl near his house in the night.

When a gay writer is hit over the head and knocked out by his Slovenian friend, he finds himself aimless in New York City, unable to do anything more than read about Eastern European history, retell the same story over again, and wait for his friend to return.

A man lives with his greyhound on a desert island reflects after a recent apocalypse brings all of the world’s towers crashing down. He writes letters to a distant friend, whom he hasn’t heard from in a long time but still hopes to meet in person one day.