Short stories tagged with Social Hierarchy

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A Latvian man who immigrated to Los Angeles as a boy must travel back to his homeland to ensure that his grandfather receives his new gravestone after the stonecutter his family was corresponding with dies.

In an integrating society, an unprejudiced son and his racist mother encounter a Black family on a bus, forcing the mother to grapple with her racist sentiments.

After a skin bleaching attempt burns off Eno's skin, Uzoamaka is still jealous because Eno's skin is now lighter.

A teenage boy falls in love with a two-thousand-year-old girl that he discovers preserved in a nearby bog. But not everyone approves of their blossoming relationship, especially not the boy's mother.

When a woman travels from her home in Beijing to the countryside to visit her husband's family, she must sacrifice her dignity in order to convince the family not to eat their former racing dog.

After a long struggle, a disabled woman in her twenties finally finds work at a pathology lab in Boston that rewards her rapid pace and ability to outproduce her coworkers—but when her elderly coworker falls behind, will she help her?

Human detectives work to solve the mystery of who killed a human woman at an Earth-based alien embassy. They soon realize that human methods of solving mysteries come into conflict with the social customs of the aliens.